Central American Migration, Migrant Shelters, and Asylum

While migration from Central America is in the news, the process is not well understood. Nor is the existence of migrant shelters throughout Mexico known to most Americans. John Doering White, PhD candidate at the University of Michigan, recounts his experiences doing ethnographic research in these shelters. He provides valuable context and nuance to our understanding of Central American migration and the process of seeking asylum in the United States.

Segment 1: 4:30 Humanitarian recognition; 8:10 Migrant shelters; 12:30 Alternative to detention; 16:00 Ecosystem of migrant shelters; 21:20 Smugglers’ relationships with migrants.

Break 1: 26:26 Influencing Social Policy

Segment 2: 27:30 Gender and migration through Mexico; 30:00 Word-of-mouth in migration; 33:35 Sanctuary at migrant shelters; 35:20 Border enforcement throughout Mexico; 37:00 Government and organized crime; 38:50 Cultural differences between migrants and Mexicans; 42:25 Skin color and migrants; 44:08 Asylum and asylum-seeking.

Break 2: Morgan State University School of Social Work

Segment 3: 52:00 Unaccompanied minors and the best interest of the child; 58:11 Reasons minors are leaving Central America; 59:50 What can be done?


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